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Chard's Darkcloud
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The Darkcloud Family

Li Darkcloud (Papa)

  • Gender:Male
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Black w/ White streaks
  • Age: ?
  • Class/Rank:Thunder Cloud Demon
  • Job Department:Demon Aristocrat
  • Fav. Colors: Black & Red
  • Fav. Things: Power
  • Motto in Life:?
  • Li Darkcloud is one of the Highest Ranking Demons around, especially among the Thunder Demons. Being such a High Ranking Demon, he is one of few whom are allowed to take more than one wife, so He decided to Marry sisters;Noya & Nagi,also high class demons of a good bloodline. He strives for one thing in life, to have his many sons continue his legacy, and also become High rank Demons, maybe even Demon Lords!

    His second oldest son is Chard, and out of all of his children Only Chard is a Full Thunder Cloud Demon, so he urges Chard the most to fill his shoes.


    Nagi Darkcloud (Mean Mama/ Auntie)

  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes: Copper
  • Hair: Seafoam Blue/Green w/ White tips
  • Age: ?
  • Class/Rank: Fox/Bat Ice Demon
  • Job Department:Demon Aristocrat
  • Fav. Colors: Black
  • Fav. Things:?
  • Motto in Life:?
  • Nagi is the Youngest of three sisters, she is one of two wives to her Husband Li, her sister Noya being the other wife.

    Noya is a Quiet type, but a very aggressive demon, unlike her kind natured sister Noya.she gas given Li 3 sons: Spider, Kemuri & Tsume.

    She, like her Husband, wish only the best for her sons, & also wishes them to be Great & Powerful Demons


    Kumo Darkcloud (Mean Oldest Brother)

  • Gender:Male
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Dark Grey
  • Age: 29
  • Class/Rank: Flame Web Spider Demon
  • Job Department:Freelance rank A (qualified Demon) 
  • Fav. Colors: Black & Red
  • Fav. Things:Picking on his little brother Chard, causing Terror to Humans
  • Motto in Life:I am gong to be one of the Greatest Elemental Demon Lords Alive! 
  • Kumo (Spider) is a Very Aggressive Flame web Spider Demon, he is the Oldest of the Darkcloud Children, He Strives to claim & uphold the Darkcloud Title & Prove to his father Li, that Chard is Totally incapable of taking his status Seriously,...and he's kind of Right!

    He's a Brute, and like chards younger siblings look up to him, his younger brothers Kemuri & Tsume, also hold Kumo in High Regards.

    Kemuri Darkcloud

    Eyes: Red
    Hair: Silvery Grey
    Age: 23
    Class/Rank:  Smoke/Mist Demon
    Job Department:Misfortune Distribution rank C (qualified demon)
    Fav. Colors: White
    Fav. Things:His Older Brother Kumo(his Hero)
    Motto in Life:?
    Kemuri (Smoke) is a Soft Spoken but Aggressive Demon.
    He speaks little , but when he does he speaks sharp words!
    He's basically His Elder brother's Sidekick, and so called
    handler of their younger brother Awoo, who speaks even less than him!
    He like his Older Brother live for nothing other than to please their Father
    in upholding the Darkcloud name & Honor.


    Eyes: Black
    Hair: seafoam blue/green with white & dark blue/green tips
    Age: 21
    Class/Rank:Snow/Ice/Hail Demon
    Job Department:Misfortune Distribution rank C (qualified demon)
    Fav. Colors: White & Sky Blue
    Fav. Things:His Older Brother Kumo(his Hero)
    Motto in Life:?
    Tsume (claw) Darkcloud is the you ngest of Nagi's kids, he's a very silent type of guy and prefers to growl than to speak. He's the only of Nagi's kids to closely resemble her and her fox features as well as take upon her ice powers.
    He, like Kemuri looks up to Kumo as his hero & wishes to be just as cruel.

    Noya Darkcloud ~ Chard's Momma!

  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes: Reddish Pink 
  • Hair:Purple & Pink streaks
  • Age: ?
  • Class/Rank: Electric Sea Demon
  • Job Department:Demon Aristocrat 
  • Fav. Colors: red
  • Fav. Things:All of her Children 
  • Motto in Life:Family First
  • Noya Darkcloud is the 2nd eldest of three sisters, the other two being Nagi & Midori Hoshi.

    Both Noya & Nagi are married to Li Darkcloud, and each have given him three children. Chard being the eldest of hers, then Okugi and then the Darkcloud family's only dauhter, Chi, being the youngest of ALL of the kids.

    Noya loves all of her children & is strangely kindhearted for a demon of her status, she could easily pass as an Angel to Humans with her kind nature.

    She's taught her three children to also be kind but loyal to the Family


    Okugi Darkcloud ~ Chard's lil Bro

  • Gender:Male
  • Eyes: Silvery Blue
  • Hair: White
  • Age: 16
  • Class/Rank: Electric Thorn Demon
  • Job Department:Demon in Training 
  • Fav. Colors: Black & White
  • Fav. Things:his brother & sister, ice cream
  • Motto in Life:?
  • Okugi(Spike)Darkcloud is the 2nd eldest of Noya's kids. He's rather Shy & soft spoken, very passive, so his other brothers (Nagi's kids) pick on him a lot.

    He does stand up for his little sister when the time comes, & is always by her side.

    He too, like his sister look up to their Big brother Chard 

    Chi Darkcloud ~ Chard's baby sis

  • Gender:Female
  • Eyes:Pink 
  • Hair:Pink with Purple streaks
  • Age:12
  • Class/Rank:Fire Blood Demon
  • Job Department:Demon in training
  • Fav. Colors:Black, Pink & Purple 
  • Fav. Things:her Older brothers Chardy-poo & Okugi
  • Motto in Life:I wanna be just like my Chardy-poo
  • Chi(Blood)Darkcloud is the Youngest of the Darkcloud kids as well as the only Daughter.

    she's a spritely little demon with a heart of gold, who admires her Big big Brother Chard. She's also very shy and emotional, which isn't very pleasant to experience when she's sad, because she cries Blood, Blood! Which doesn't seem to be a very practical power does it??