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WOOO!!! loooong looong looong time no update!!!
sorry folks!
you should really check out my Deviant Art gallery, it's updated a lot more frequently
anyhoo, i've added some more pics to the Fan Art gallery, i did some nice art trades
i will be posting some new manga's and art as soon as i can, but for now, again check out my DA page here:

Small Update!
added a profile for Tsume Darkcloud! go check it out under "Darkcloud Family"
and i added a few more Chard Cosplay pics

Well Long Time No Update!
i added tow new Holiday Mini Manga's
* "Green Hair"
* "I'm a Bunny - Take 2"

I soon Realized it makes it really hard to navigate manga Pages, if there aren't any Back Buttons, i added thos to ch1 & 2

finally finished pages 7.8 & 9 of ch2!
go directly to pg 7 here:

OKAY after major slacking off, i finally finished pages 5 & 6 of Chapter 2 , ENJOY!
more pages mebbe by next week!

I have RE-VAMPED the site!
the navigation should be easier, & i have added the 1st few pages of CH2!!And added the Mini Manga page! I have also removed the art gallery which you can now see all that Chard Art @:
I have also added some NEW animated Gifs!
I will soon be adding MORE character bios, Like Aoi~the Blue Werewolf!

WHOA!!! I have been slacking on updating!
sorry! but i've been really busy with work, and haven't had the time to post stuff here
BUT there is good news! if you go here:
you can see some new pages for issue 2! & A Lot of new chard related art and more!!
eventually the chard art gallery here will be completely moved to Deviant art, as to save space here for more manga pages
i hope you all will be patient, as i'm not even sure when issue 2 can be completed
but again, got to Deviant art and engoy all of my new art till that time comes! ^___^V

Sorry all, i haven't updated in eternity!
i went to AWA con , so i got caught up in all that, and now i am still trying to figure out a good plot for issue 2,...fillers are haaard!
all i know is that Chard & Gang are going to go to Group Therapy,...
but in the meantime, here's a new piccie of chard's lil sis as a teen :

Pages 13~18 up!
ALL the pages for Chapter 1 Posted!
wheee! now tomorrow
i'll submit it to Tokyo Pop's contest!
Wish Me Luck!

page 12 is UP!

Page 11 is UP!
page 12 coming soon

i added pgs 9 & 10!

I am in the process of drawing page 9 of the manga, gonna try to finish at least 2 or 3 of the next pages,...i want to enter this into Tokyo Pop's rising stars manga , this'll be my second go at the contest. Wish Me Luck! the comic is pretty much halfway done, and i have till sept 1st till the deadline, i gotta work fast! only a month to go! i just hope this'll look ok in black and white since thats what the rulse say it has  to be, hopefully i wont have to simplify and re color everything in black and white,....

I have up to page 8 now! and i also added a cover page! & i drew a pic of Chard's baby sis: Chi!

i have up to page 6 posted!
and the cast bio pages updated as well!

Grand unveiling of Issue ONE!!!!
pages one and 2 are up
and the art galleries will be gradually uploaded,
 as well as caracter bios
keep checking back
i'll try to update at least with
a new page everyweek or two

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