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Main Characters


  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Red
  • Hair: Black with Magenta streak bangs
  • Age: 25
  • Class/Rank: Lightning/Thunder Cloud Demon
  • Job Department: Misfortune Distribution rank E (qualified demon) 
  • Fav. Colors: Black and Purple
  • Fav. Things: Icecream, Neko Mimi, Goofing off, Adventuring, Singing & Dancing
  • Motto in Life: If you Can't have Fun Doing it.....Why Bother!?

    Chard is your Typical Friendly Boy, Demon,...sort of,...
    All Chard yearns for is to hang out, have fun, live life to the fullest, and make friends
     simple right?
    Not for chard, He's the second oldest son of one of the Highest Class Demons, and is expected to do his duty as a demon; cause misfortune for humans, as well as uphold his family's honor. 
    but chard is an easy going guy, he's not the mean type, but does have the uncanny ability to cause massive destruction
     Chard would Rather spend his days singing and dancing to his collection of 80's  tunes and running about on little mis-adventures with his friends Nue and Neko Mimi


  • mimiprofilepic.jpg

  • Gender: Female
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Hair: Black with Burgundy streaks
  • Age: 25
  • Class/Rank: Cat type Nightmare Demon
  • Job Department: Misfortune Distribution rank F (unqualified demon) 
  • Fav. Colors: Black
  • Fav. Things: Sushi, making people freak out/have bad days/luck,Bells,Catnip Candy
  • Motto in Life: Strive for Success


    Neko Mimi is a Cat Nightmare Demon, that only Strives for success,..
    However, Chard always seems to get in the way with his goofing around.
    She feels she is way more qualified than he is, and bullies him, but none the less
    feels compelled to urge him to work harder to be successful( she likes him a lot but would never admit it).
    Even with her mind reading powers she fails to notice HE has a HUGE crush on her (if only she knew 9.9).  
    Mimi's goal in life is to be a high class demon like her father,( who happens to be the demon lord of nightmares!) but always seems to be stuck at the bottom, while chard the underacheiver, is actually a qualified demon.>_<
    Mimi always seems to be dragged into Chard & Nue's Mis adventures
  • nueprofilepic.jpg

  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Hair/Fur: Orange & Brown 
  • Age: 24
  • Class/Rank: Rain Cloud Monster 
  • Job Department: none 
  • Fav. Colors: orange
  • Fav. Things: Candy, his bestest friend in the whole wide world:Chard, Goofing off, Adventuring,Women,Money
  • Motto in Life: Life is good when you have a friend to depend on

    Nue (new-ay) is not your average two headed monster,....
    in fact he's a midget,..
    his kind grow to huge proportions, but unfortunately Nue is only the size of a small dog,
    so he became an embarassment to his kind, and became an outcast, but soon came to meet Chard, who is to this day his bestest and most loyal friend 
    you could say Nue became Chard's Trusty sidekick.
    Tao(tay-Oh) is the other half of Nue (his Tail), he doesn't speak much but has a huge crush on Mimi, even if Nue gets picked on constantly by her,Mimi always treatens to eat Nue.
    Nue uses his short stature to his advantage when it comes to the ladies, because they think he's a sweet little boy. He's also got a big Ego.
    Nue also is as greedy for Money as he is horny, and thus urges Chard to join him in Treasure hunts sparking many of their Mis adventures
  • pryzmprofilepic.jpg

  • Gender:Genderless 
  • Eyes: Magenta
  • Hair: Neon Blue with Black Tips
  • Age: Unknown (looks 25)
  • Class/Rank: ? (Chaos Demon)
  • Job Department: None (Freelance) 
  • Fav. Colors: Rainbow 
  • Fav. Things: Cheeseburgers...anything Meat, his collar, Mimi, belts & Scarves
  • Motto in Life: Go with the Flow

    Pryzm is an unusual Demon, because he's not actually a Demon at all, He's neither Angel nor Demon,thus categorizing him as a Chaos type Demon. He doesn't even really have a Gender, but our friends refer to him as a he rather than call him "IT" all the time

    Not much is known about him , except that he's not "Natural", Pryzm was accudentally Discovered by Chard & gang, when they were Treasure hunting. Mimi was the one to stumble upon him when she fell through a secret chamber in the Temple they were searching. Here she discovered a lab that had apparently held Genetic experiments, only one seemed to remain; Pryzm.

    He was a Feral and somewhat brainless creature until Mimi removed the control Pryzm in his neck. Pryzm then decided instead of trying to EAT Mimi he'd Join her by her side. Pryzm acted somewhat Dog like when first joining the gang, so Mimi decided to give him a dog collar complete with nametag, as she didn't quite know what to do with him at the time.

    Now, Gaining his own personality, Pryzm joins our gang in the hopes of discovering his past and his original identity (Still wearing his beloved collar)