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  • Gender: Female
  • Eyes: Jade Green 
  • Hair: Red
  • Age: 30
  • Class/Rank: Teacher - Wind Demon
  • Job Department: Misfortune Distribution rank B (qualified demon) 
  • Fav. Colors: Black and Red
  • Fav. Things: Teaching
  • Motto in Life: Learn from Everything & Everyone   
  • nyankoposeinksm.jpg

  • Gender: Female
  • Eyes: Jade Green 
  • Hair: Black 
  • Age: 26
  • Class/Rank: Cat Type Nightmare Demon
  • Job Department: Misfortune Distribution rank F (unqualified demon) 
  • Fav. Colors: Black and Deep Burgundy 
  • Fav. Things: Flirting, Chard, Cherries, Leather & Velvet, Beatification Techniques
  • Motto in Life: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
  • Nyanko is Your Typical Sexy girl, she knows it, and She Flaunts it,
    Big Busted and Proud of it. You could say Nyan is pretty Vain,...
    So WHY is it she's still single and Neko Mimi seems to get all the Guys??!!
    Nyan is Mimi's Childhood Friend and Rival, but it's a friendly competition that neither seems to mind. since they both seem to be stuck at the lowest rank of demonhood: Nightmare.
    Nyanko isn't as good at her job as Mimi is, she'd rather pamper herself with the latest Beautification techniques than scare people.
    She seems to have a real fondness for Chard and lets it be known, as she yearns to pry Chard away from Mimi
    Chard However seems to be clueless about Nyan's crush & Mimi makes it seem that she could care less

    Aoi Okami

  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Purple inset w/White rings 
  • Hair: Black w/ Blue Streaks
  • Age: 23
  • Class/Rank: Freelance Werewolf 
  • Fav. Colors: Black and Blue
  • Fav. Things:Picking on Mimi & Chard, being a Bully 
  • Motto in Life: Everyone Else is a Bunch of Losers